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Food and moisture are the most common causes of a pest infestation. The easier it is for them to get these things, the more they’ll want to move in. Whether you want to prevent these issues from happening or you’re already experiencing them, turn to our Empire Pest Control team! We’re a pest control company that has served homeowners and businesses near Ruskin and Fort Myers, FL, since 2018. As a family-owned business, our mission is to keep your loved ones and colleagues protected at all times. Count on us to deliver long-lasting solutions to your pest control needs.


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At Empire Pest Control, we aim to be your preferred choice for your pest control needs. From the moment you have your first interaction with our team, you are met with professionalism and thoughtful attention. With years of experience under our belt, we know that we provide our customers with knowledgeable and reliable work. Have the peace of mind you deserve by choosing us today!

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  • Cutting-edge technologies
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  • High-quality work
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When looking for a pest control company in or near Ruskin or Fort Myers, FL, you have to partner with professionals that have your best interest in mind. At Empire Pest Control, we go the extra mile to identify the root cause of your pest problem to treat it and prevent it from happening again. Reach out to our skilled technicians today to get your treatment started!

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Our Services Include

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Pest Control Services

Our mission is to help you gain control of your home or business again in a timely manner.

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Termite Treatment

Our termite treatment plans are tailored to fit your budget and property’s needs.

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Pest Control Insulation

This insulation option has some of the highest R-value per inch in the industry.

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Rat Treatment Services

Count on our team to determine the most effective way to get these invaders out.

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Bed Bug Control

Don’t let these pests make you lose another night of sleep!

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Termite Pretreat

Secure your building’s future with our pre construction termite treatment.

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